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Natural recovery of coastline and river estuary

In Italy, in Sicilian Region, Envitek srl was involved in the environmental engineering consultacy in an important project for the natural recovery of the costline and the river estuary.

The site, nowadays completely degraded and abused, was originally the area of the river Milicia, and of his estuary. Like happened centuries ago, these estuaries were used for safe mooring of sail vessels. An historical paint show the situation of the site in 17th century.

The project designed a river and urban park, with the aim to restoring natural environment qualities and to spread environment respect knowledge and culture.


The environmental surveys made by Envitek were an important challenge, won by the professionalism of collaborators.


News flash

Agreement Signed with ITTL Gioeni Trabia

2012 - Signed Agreement for conducting Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Tests. The Agreement wirh ITTL Gioeni Trabia will permit to Envitek the use of the Ship Manoeuvring Simulator owned by the Institute.

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20M€ Tender awarded for port project in Italy

2017 - Envitek (Progetti e Opere srl) assisted Construction Company that was awarded for a 20M€ port works in Italy.

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Updated numerical models

2017 - Updated state of art numerical models for coastal engineering and environmental impact assessment. 

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