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The Gem of the Gulf project

Envitek, joining other italian engineering Firms, proposed an interesting project for improving the integrated touristic system of Kish Island, Islamic Republic of Iran. The concept idea was delivered and it is waiting for investors and developers interested. 

Here find the brochure of the proposal.


Proposal of a development project of coastal waterfront, in respect to the Republic of IRAN rules and efforts to attract ideas and investments.

The Kish Island is historically recognized like “the gem of the Persian Gulf”.

The strategic location in the Gulf has brought influences from different cultures and this is now a melting pot of creative ferment, attractive site for visitors, meanwhile the international situation proposes increasing challenges.

The development proposal of the "Gem of the Gulf" Knowledge and Leisure Park * want not deny the root of the past, but rather reinforces them.

The ancient efforts to recover precious fresh, sweet water, are between the many demonstrations of the ability of the area in "engineering" of solutions for needing. These won challenges is the glue that, well drived, will cement all the excellences.

Under this point of view tradition and innovation can be the basic elements of a proposal that looks to the future to show and share the culture, traditions and environment, combining sustainable development and good quality tourism to offer a real new interesting and attractive site in the Nation, both for citizen and for visitors.

The “Gem of the Gulf” Knowledge and Leisure Park is conceived as an elaborate and comprehensive structure, where science and knowledge in conjunction with attractiveness, tourism and leisure time, play a role in the transformation and enhancement of a part of the waterfront of Kish Island.

The rehabilitation of used area can be considered, too.

The project idea was developed by broadening the concept of Park, expanding it to an integrated structure for spreading and improving knowledge of Arabic Cultures, Arts and Traditions and the Sea Environment, contemplating a synergy of entertainment, divulgation, research and innovation:

-           the Multimedia Museum and “Direct Experiences” Halls

-           the Exhibition Halls and the Aquarium

-           the International Congress Center

-           the Opera House/Auditorium

-           the Planetarium and IMAX/Hi-Tech Cinema

-           the Arabic-Lab, a centre of research and training

-           the Undersea Village, an underwater walk through sea world knowledge (archeology, environment, new resources for humanity)

-           the Marina with the waterborne, ground and seaplane transportation center

-           the Hotel Village and the Luxury Hotel

*Tentative name and mark


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